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You struggle to set healthy boundaries.

You dismiss your needs and neglect your self care.

You have people-pleasing tendencies.

You avoid asking for too much.

 You make choices based on what others want for you, rather than what you want for yourself

You often break promises to yourself.


Have you talked yourself out of the desires you daydream about, 

because you’ve convinced yourself that they’re unrealistic?

Larissa Bell

Women’s Guidance Facilitator

Health and Wellness Coach

Yoga + Meditation Teacher

I'm a guide for women who want to speak their truth, set healthy boundaries, and honor their intuition.


I spent much of my life repeating patterns of self abandonment and burnout, until a rock bottom served as a "hard reset" for my life.


 I had built so much unsustainable structure, that each area of my life (like health, career and relationships) came crashing down one by one.


Snapshot: All at once, I had to navigate a PCOS diagnosis that had me feeling like a zombie in my 30year old body, an abrupt end to my 6year career in Health Tech and recovering from the burnout it caused... and calling off my engagement to my partner of a decade that couldn't evolve along with me as I overcame my people-pleasing patterns.


On the other side, I'm committed to standing firm in self trust, so that I don't re-create these patterns of committing myself to people and projects that aren't aligned with my most authentic self.


Now, it's my focus to help other women like me to trust their gut instincts, make empowered choices, and feel safe to be truly seen.


It's my hope that I can spare you the crash and burn that leveled me, humbled me, and burned up what could no longer be sustained.


Instead, I'll help you take small steps to prune your life of what no longer serves you, adjust your mindset towards self trust, and create new and aligned commitments to yourself that honor your most authentic self.

When we work together, you will:


Dig into your foundational beliefs that inform all your behaviors, and rewrite the old stories that have been keeping you stuck in an outdated identity


Identify and disrupt the behavior patterns you’ve been repeating that keep you feeling drained and disconnected from your truth


Gain the understanding, wisdom and support from a community of women navigating similar paths that get what you’re going through


A self-paced program designed to help you prioritize your well being, set healthy boundaries, and express your authenticity.


What’s Included

A 5-module course containing key lessons, guided meditation audios, and activities for reflection and self discovery.


Bonus Gift

Becoming a Boundary Boss workshop (valued at $77)


You’ll Walk Away With

Greater confidence and strategic tools to set and maintain healthy boundaries

Improved self worth and discipline to prioritize your well being in everyday situations

A deep sense of permission and empowerment to express your authenticity in your relationships



$174 value, yours for $97

Self Care Planning Toolkit


A set of done-for-you tracker templates, guides and activities designed to add structure, strategy and intention to your self care journey.



30+ tracker templates, informative guides and self discovery activities.


You’ll Walk Away With

Clarity around which areas of your life require your focus and attention, a clear system for planning and tracking self care habits, sleep, menstrual cycle, meals and more, and meaningful insights from personal reflection.




Women's Connection Circles in Bend, OR


A cozy and intimate, monthly gathering in Bend, Oregon for women to connect with themselves and their community.



Guided meditation, journal reflection activities, circle sharing, 1:1 partner work, and authentic connection.


You’ll Walk Away With

Feelings of being seen and honored in your self expression, the knowledge that you are not alone in the highs and lows of your personal journey, and a deeper sense of connection to local women in your community.



Sliding Scale for monthly recurring circles

Fixed Pricing for special events



Together, we’ll dive deep to uncover your genuine desires, work through subconscious limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in inaction or repeating unhelpful cycles, and design a sustainable action plan to move you in the direction of your desires.


What’s Included

Three (3) video calls, voice/text messaging between sessions in a private WhatsApp thread, and one (1) personalized guided meditation recording.


You’ll Walk Away With

A clarified and detailed vision of the future you want to move towards

Greater awareness of your blindspots, limiting beliefs and outdated patterns to release

An actionable, personalized roadmap connecting you from where you are now, to where you desire to be

One Payment of $1,111


A podcast hosted by Larissa that explores a wide range of topics, with a central focus on what it takes to live as our most authentic selves.


What’s Included

Inspiring conversations with thought leaders, teachers and guides where  we investigate themes like living in alignment with our values, becoming our most authentic selves, body wisdom and intuition - and so much more!





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Becoming A Boundary Boss Workshop


This is the crash course for boundary setting. Workshop includes training, guided meditation, a journal reflection activity, and replay of live Q&A. You’ll walk away with the tools and know-how to set healthy boundaries right away!



Discussions on the concept and significance of boundaries, various boundary types, strategies for communicating and reinforcing boundaries with others, methods for overcoming internal obstacles, along with training sessions, guided meditation practices, journal reflection activities, and replays of live Q&A sessions.


You’ll Walk Away With

Tools and know-how to set healthy boundaries right away!






For support at any time, write my team at [email protected]