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For some, decision - making is less about what they want and more about what they perceive OTHERS want or need from them.


They'll say 'yes' to invitations when they're exhausted, or take on new responsibilities even when they have a full plate already.

This is where boundaries are a must! ✋

Many of us are familiar with the hot topic of boundaries, but what does it really mean in terms of practical application?

Join this hour-long workshop, guided by me, to dive deeper into all things boundary setting.

Who is this workshop for?


👉 Your kindness and flexibility is taken advantage of by others

👉 You feel pressure to say 'yes' all the time

👉 To avoid conflict, you often give in to what others want

👉 You put the needs of others before your own

👉 You consider yourself to have people-pleasing tendencies

What you'll learn:


💚 Concept of boundaries and why they're important

💚 Different types of boundaries

💚 Communicating and reinforcing boundaries with others

💚 Overcoming your inner obstacles

Take Me to the Workshop!

About your host, Larissa Bell:


Larissa is a Bay Area native, who relocated to beautiful Bend, OR several years ago. She is a yoga + meditation teacher and double-certified health and wellness coach, who spent the past 6 years working for digital health companies before embarking on building her private practice; Shadowlight Wellness.

Larissa is a highly sensitive person and empath, who always wished for more positive representation and resources for sensitive humans such as herself. Growing tired of waiting, she made the decision to create the container for support and resources she wished she had access to, growing up.

Through Shadowlight, Larissa creates content and provides multiple options for one-to-one support. The topics she focuses on, while designed with sensitive humans in mind, can be beneficial for anyone who desires to embody their authority, embrace all parts of themselves, and take ownership of their energy.

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Take Me to the Workshop!